Sync Question Stream

Designed and tested a live audience question stream for a second screen presentation technology reaching over 30,000 people at ASCO 2018.

Key themes: mobile, second screen, research, presentation technology

Emerging Futures

Art Direction

Envisioned Futures merges science, design, and fiction by exploring emerging futures that we want and do not want.

Key themes: Critical design, community workshop, interactive art



As the lead UX designer, I redesigned FormAssembly's reports to allow for users to better view their data. FormAssembly is an enterprise class,form management tool that allows people to create and manage their forms and responses.

Key themes: SaaS, form builder, data processing, product design

Image of a man using formassembly on his laptop


Master's Thesis

Sexual health and condom perception- Personal preference as a priority. A mobile application that guides users towards choosing condoms that fit best for their needs.

Key themes: mobile, sexual health, eCommerce, augmented reality

Teradata - Marketing Suite Annotations


As an intern at Teradata, I redesigned their Annotations user interface, a subset of a marketing suite software used by eCommerce professionals.

Key themes: enterprise software, eMarketing, CRM software, annotation software


2014 CHI Student Design Competition

A research driven design project selected for presentation at the SIG CHI 2014 Student Design Competition. Maestro is designed to help novice conductors learn about and reflect upon their hand gestures, body motions, facial expressions, and eye-gazing directions to achieve mastery of conducting more effectively.

Key themes: digital music stand, prototyping, body data, music education