After reading more about the Extrapolation Factory & other critical design workshops, I plan to run my own community workshop for artifact creation out of Boise next month. I feel that it would be a great fit and addition to the box project. Not only will people be able to interact with the futures on a macro scale by seeing into the infinity cubes, they will now also be able to interact with them on a micro scale by exploring physical fictional artifacts. My intention is to ultimately create a pop-up “shop” at Burning Man and in Boise to showcase the dioramas and the future artifacts as a cohesive event. I am thinking the theme of the pop-up shop will be a tool rental and spare parts store. But I’m open to see how the community will shape the project.

I emailed the people who run the Extrapolation Factory and they have given me the verbal approval to borrow some of their methodology and are excited to see how this all turns out.

I have plenty of access to materials, space, and participants. I am thinking of running 2-3 workshops to get this all materialized while concurrently building the dioramas.
Workshop 1 – background in design futures & object creation
Workshop 2 – product & packaging design
Workshop 3 – pop up shop construction

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