Circuit City progress

This weekend, I worked on the circuit city. This involved cleaning all of the circuit boards by removing any large pieces and then cutting them into 1 inch strips. 

In this future, our cities become our computers. Apartments in cold areas are essentially heat sinks and our walls are circuit boards. This future fully embraces the Internet of Things by making our fridges capable of mining for cryptocurrency.

Sketch of the City

This city will sit on a 10x10x10 board. Each building will be 1 inch deep with varying heights and widths.


Cutting the circuit boards

All of the circuit boards were measured and then cut with the Dremel tool.


Aerial view and layout

Once all of the circuit boards were cut, we needed to figure out the best way to secure them in a vertical position. We used a table saw to cut three slots into a 1 inch strip of wood so that we could place the cut circuit boards vertically.

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