Workshop Success!

About the workshop

Three participants showed up for the Saturday workshop to build future objects from the future. Each participant was given the same instructions:

  1. Pick 2 headlines from a bowl – What will cause for this future technology to emerge?
  2. Apply focal points – what kind of impact will this technology have?
  3. Apply a story arc – What kind of change will the world need to undergo for the technology to emerge?
  4. Bring it back to today – What is this technology and what does it do?
Dr. Naked showing off what he built. 
Jeremy sketching his design 

Workshop in progress 

Objects created

The objects created were creative and hilarious! I’ll share the documentation for each object later when I get a chance.

Hen simulator 

Automatic jean cleaners 

Light stopping & sanitization unit 

Artificial coffee pod 

Cockroach protein grinder 
Pocket robot tailors 


Goals for next workshop

  • MORE PEOPLE – host in a place where more accidental drop-ins occur such as public art spaces and street festivals
  • EASIER DIRECTIONS – have a hand out ready for drop-ins to build without any direction from me

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