Long due update!

It’s been long overdue but the project is finally complete! The boxes have traveled to Gem Center for the Arts,  Element 11, and Burning Man this summer. With the project, participants were prompted to “Talk to the Future” and they were welcome to say whatever they wanted. The boxes collected a total of 2,628 recorded messages! That’s 4 hours of future talk. The next step is figuring out what to do with all this content. Should I post it all online?

 Gem Center for the Arts 

On display from June 21st- August 21st

Element 11

1,156 total messages

On display from July 12 – July 15

Burning Man 

1,470 total messages

On display from August 26 – September 3

One of the future cities, the Silver City experienced a break down during Element 11. We did not have time to reassemble it for Burning Man so we only put out the 3 other futures.


Final Cities

Green City

Sea Levels are Rising but Everything is Ok

Circuit City


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