About the project

Emerging Futures merges science, design, and fiction by exploring futures that we want and do not want. It initially started as an interactive art experiment but has grown into something much larger that intends to engage the community and shape our collective futures.
dioramas – engage with the future on a macro level
4 future cities, lit with LEDs, sit inside of mirrored infinity cubes where viewers are presented with a choice to either record a message (“Talk to the future”) or to listen to a message (“Listen to a message from the future”). Each diorama houses a unique future and explores what is possible and probable.
All of the anonymous voice recordings will later be transcribed and analyzed to better understand what people think and feel about each possibility.
workshops – engage with the future on a micro level

These contained futures will be presented along side a hands-on, participatory design workshop where viewers also try their hand at creating future objects. The goal of the workshop is to inspire attendees to partake in the future making process as a democratic community. It is intended to challenge the idea that the future is built by a select few and promote the idea that we all get a say in how we want or don’t want things to go.

Once enough objects are built and created, we hope to display them as a fictional pop-up shop that sells tools and spare parts from the future. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The team 

Katya Ivanova – creative lead
Patrick Morrison (aka Dr. Naked) – mechanical mastermind
Ross Butler – engineering pioneer

Where you can see the project

June 21st – Solstice Festival Gem City Arts Center, Boise, ID

July 12th  -17th – Element 11 Park Valley, UT

August 26th – September 3rd – Burning Man Black Rock City, NV

October 5th – October 7th – Idaho Decompression Boise, ID

Art Grants & Donations

Huge thank you to everyone who has made this project come to reality.

  • Xanadu community for allowing me to build this project in the workshop
  • Reuseum for donating supplies
  • Element 11 Art Grant
  • Idaho Decompression Art Grant