Project Type

  • UX/UI design
  • Interaction design
  • User research
  • Information architecture


  • Adobe XD
  • Webflow


  • February 2018 - Present

Feature Packs

We used feature packs to outline the use cases, UX specifications, and technical details in order to make sure that the Client needs are met throughout the building of the product.


Attendee Perspective & Admin controls

Round 1

The focus for the first round of iterations was on what the audience sees and the accompanying admin controls.

Presentation Control Panel

Round 2

For the second round of interations, we expanded from the audience perspective to the presentation control panel.

UX Testing & In-field Research

We launched the new feature at ASCO. Leading up to the conference, I was able to convince the leadership team and the client to do usability and experience testing. At the conference, I was able to conduct 3 UX tests, interview presenters and attendees, and do in-field observations of how the new feature is used. Here are the top three pain points that I discovered. This was Freeman's first ever UX testing.

Top three pain points

1. Editing submitted questions lacks feedback
2. Activity when filters are ON makes moderators nervous that they may miss something
3. Moderators are overwhelmed by the Presenter Control panel

Solution to problem #1

Editing submitted questions lacks feedback

In the original design of the application, editing a submitted question was hidden and the controls unknown. By adding controls and feedback to the design, the users are able to know the state that their edits are in.

Solution to problem #2

Activity when filters are ON makes moderators nervous that they may miss something

A concern for the moderators was that they would miss questions if filters were on. Adding a link that clears the filters with a live question count when filters are being used allows for moderators to see that the application is alive. It also allows for them to know what's going on behind the filter.

Solution to problem #3

Moderators are overwhelmed by the Presenter Control panel

We simplified the desktop mode for the PCP panels by designing a mobile view with limited controls. This way the moderators have less to worry about throughout the session.

Final Takeaway

We need to establish a research practice!

1. The in-the-wild testing was great but we need to conduct them more regularly. At least prior to any major new feature release.
2. The tech admin feedback is critical. Often their gripes with the product are overshadowed by the Clients needs. We need to develop a standardised way of collecting on-show-site feedback about THEIR experiences. They are the ones who engage with the product the most.
3. Need to train on-show-site staff to conduct interviews with presenters and attendees in order to gather more data about the product.

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