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Problem space

  1. Young people are not using condoms as often as before.

    Time Magazine wrote an article titled, (No) Condom Culture: Why Teens Aren’t Practicing Safe Sex

  2. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are on the rise.

    See chart to the right.

  3. People often complain about the fit and feel of condoms.

    Condoms are often compared to, "Wearing a rain coat in the shower."

Reported chlamydia cases among 20-24 year olds (1996 – 2013)

Data source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2014). Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance 2013. Atlanta: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.



To create a MOBILE APPLICATION that helps men and women find CONDOMS that FIT and FEEL GOOD.

Goals are to :

•Help men and women find condoms that work best for them

•Provide people with information to make educated decisions

•Increase accessibility to variety and experimentation

Goals ARE NOT to:

•Invent a new condom

•Market only one brand of condom

•Make sales off distribution


Research Findings

  1. People experience unpleasant emotions when purchasing condoms.

  2. Not a lot of information is provided in the store about the product when buying condoms.

    "I still don’t know what size or style works for me. That’s frustrating. But condoms aren’t really something you try on in the fitting room.”

    - Annonymous respondent

  3. Even online, finding condoms that fit just right requires navigating clunky websites and what you are looking for.

  4. Experimentation and experience with condoms leads to finding better fitting condom.

    “After years of experimenting, I’ve found a brand that has the desired thickness and matches my anatomy most comfortably."

    - Annonymous respondent

What kind of feelings do you experience when buying condoms?

Data source: Ivanova, E. (2015). Annonymous survey about Condom behavior.


Current Customer Journey

Insights were derived from research. This journey follows the customer’s emotions from pre-purchase to post usage of condoms. Personal emotional experience and feelings towards condoms decrease over time with each obstacle. Insights are overlaid on top to signify points of intervention.



Condom locator map

The problem that some people face is that stores are too far away and closed when they need a condom. This tool helps a person locate a condom closest to them that is available for purchase.



Condom care package

The condom care package provides people with a sample kit of various condoms, lubricants, and other sexual accessories to experiment with. Can be ordered by people who are newly diagnosed with an STD/STI or just for fun.



In-Store helper

The in-store helper is an interactive screen located in the condom aisle that helps people learn about the condoms currently available and on display.



Condom vending machine

The condom vending machine provides people with suggestions for best fitting condoms. Located in public spaces, they are easy to find and accessible anytime of the day.



Condom dispenser (low-tech)

Similar to the condom vending machine, this concept provides a low tech, low maintenance solution that utilizes a more traditional pulley mechanism for distribution.



Final Concept

Girthy combines elements of the previous concepts and focuses on personal preferences. Using augmented reality, Girthy suggests condoms based on the available selection and personal preference.


Upon opening the Girthy app, the couple is presented with short emotional and logical appeals to encourage condom use.

A set of questions are presented to the couple asking about their anatomy and their preferences. Their responses are calculated to provide a list of the top, best fitting condoms.

They can either buy the condoms online or use the store tools provided. Calculations and preferences are stored on the device and travel with the couple to any location.



a. Introduction page        b. Facts & figures       c. Personalization test       d. Recommendations

e. Condom details        f. Condom map       g. Augmented reality       h. In-store suggestions



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