Teradata Annotations Redesign


In the summer of 2014, I interned at Teradata as a UX designer working under the guidance of Christian Beck and Anna Eaglin. During the course of three months, I redesigned their Annotations user interface, a subset of a marketing suite software used by eCommerce professionals. My final deliverables included a high fidelity prototype along with a detailed specification document. If you would like to see either of these documents, please contact me directly.

Duration : 3 months

My roles :

Process Summary




Conduct a redesign of the current implementation of the Annotations Viewer in Marketing Studio.


The Problem

Current Design


Discovery and Requirements

Interview Synthesis

I aggregated and synthesized qualitative data from interviews with our clients who are: Using these interviews with clients who use the software, I was able to abstract the pain points of our clients and construct use cases.


Use Cases

Following the analysis of the interviews I was able to identify 55 user stories and use cases from the interviews.


Original User Flow

In addition to the use cases, I designed a flow document to help me understand how various customers in different fields would use the software.


Persona Development

Using research gathered from clients, I was able to identify the main problem areas of the current software and apply this information to create user specific use cases and flow.


Competitive Analysis

Additionally, I looked at competitors as well as analogous competitors for inspiration. Although these products are not our direct competitors they influence customers expectations as to how they expect the product to work.


Conceptual Design & Wireframes

Paper Sketches

I started by sketching minor interactions that would occur within the software. Here I was deciding between various ways of displaying a comment box.


Low Fidelity Prototype

I then created low-fidelity, preliminary prototype using Fireworks. Following feedback and team review, I created a mid-fidelity prototype. After sharing this version with internal users of the software, I was able to create the final prototype.

High Fidelity Design & Tech Specification

High Fidelity Prototype

The final, high fidelity prototype provided the team with a vision for future products. It was built in Fireworks and presented to product team members and users.


Specification Document

Lastly, I created a specification document for the design and development team outlining the UX and UI details of the final wireframes.




The redesign provides:



To see either the final wireframes or technical specifications, please email me directly at ekaterina.b.ivanova@gmail.com


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